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Vinüülplaadimängija Pro-Ject Signature 10 (Ortofon Cadenza Black helipeaga)

Helipea: Ortofon Cadenza Black
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7999.00 8999.00 


Kvaliteetne vinüülplaadimängija tootjalt Pro-Ject. Pro-Jecti helitehnika toodetakse käsitööna Euroopas.

NB! Vinüüplaadimängija tuleb ilma tolmukatteta. Otseviide tolmukattele

an uncompromising high-end turntable combining mass-loading with magnetically-floating turntable principles.

Speed 33, 45 (electronic speed change)
Motor control system Precision generator
Platter 10.4 kg, TPE damped
Platter puck 405 g
Main bearing Ceramic (ball/plate), magnetically decoupled
Tonearm 10” single-pivot, alu with SME headshell
Effective arm length 254.8 mm
Overhang 16 mm
Effective arm mass 15.5 g
Suitable cartridge mass 4 – 10 g, several counterweights included
Tonearm cable included Pro-Ject Connect it 5P-CC
Power supply 16 Volts DC/1600 mA included
Standby power consumption < 1 Watt
Dimensions 475 x 195 x 354mm (WxHxD)
Weight 23 kg net