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Pro-Ject Wash it

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Eco-friendly record cleaning concentrate for VC-S, VC-E & VC-S2

The ultimate eco-friendly record cleaning concentrate

This new cleaning formula was developed exclusively by Pro-Ject Audio Systems. It does not contain alcohol, which may harm record surfaces. Wash it contains only high-purity components, which are 100% eco-friendly, non-toxic and non-flammable. Wash it is the first solution to clean vinyls & shellac records gentle, but efficiently. Wash it will evaporate without leaving residues on the record surface!

Available sizes:

  • 100 ml (will clean about 135 records)
  • 250 ml (will clean about 337 records)
  • 500 ml (will clean about 675 records)
  • 1000 ml (will clean about 1350 records)


  • New highly concentrated cleaning formula by Pro-Ject
  • Wash it cleans vinyl records & shellacs
  • Wash it contains only high-purity components
  • Eco-friendly – Non-toxic – Non-flammable
  • Record looks like new after washing
  • Dissolves a wide range of impurities including fat/grease
  • For very dirty records repeat the cleaning process
  • Evaporates quickly and leaves zero residues
  • Optimum mix ratio 1:10 to 1:20 with distilled/demineralized water – do not use tap water!
  • Optimum application temperature 20 – 40 degrees (mixing ratio for warmed Wash it is 1:20)
  • Optimum storage temperature 10 – 25 degrees