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Pro-Ject Align it DS2




Cartridge alignment tool

Simple and effective alignment tool

Align it DS2 is one of the easiest yet most effective alignment tools available. With it you can adjust and align your cartridges with ease. Just put Align it DS2 on your platter and place the arm and cartridge accordingly on the desired protractor. With three available protractors on Align it DS2 you‘re able to adjust all your cartridges.

Align it DS2 is available in clear acryl and is very durable, so no need to worry about breaking it. It is suitable for tonarms with an effective length between eight and twelve inch.


  • Multiple protractors on one template
  • Tool for cartridge alignment and adjustment
  • Suitable for other manufacturer‘s tonearms
Material Acrylic
Protractors Stevenson, Loefgren, Baerwald