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Pro-Ject 9cc



9″ precision tonearm with carbon-fibre armtube

The tonearm’s design efficiently leads parasitic vibrations away from the cartridge into the mounting board, guarantees the precise tracing of the record groove by the needle and also facilitates fine adjustment of vertical and horizontal tracing.

The tonearm Pro-Ject 9cc fits on turntables or tonearm boards with mounting hole according to Linn standard.


  • The headshell and armtube are fashioned from a single piece of carbon-fibre.
  • Conical armtube avoids standing wave reflections.
  • Four stainless steel tips mounted in ABEC 7 quality ball bearings form the inverted, cardanic tone arm bearings.
  • Arm bearing housing of solid ring type. Outside ring is open to prevent bell-mode resonances.
  • Design of counterweight effectively counteracts unwanted resonances.
  • Counterweight shaft lowered to record level reduces cantilever forces and dynamic wow when playing warped records.
  • Solid armbase permits accurate height adjustment of armtube and VTA (vertical tracing angle).
  • Single-screw fixing of armtube allows rotation for easy adjustment of needle azimuth despite fixed headshell.
  • Straight armtube reduces toe-in error.
  • Silicone-damped armlift can be adjusted to suit arm height.
  • The internal wiring consists of flexible high-purity copper from the headshell right through to the gold-plated phono sockets
  • Connection to the phono input of the amplifier can be made with connecting cables of your taste through the gold plated phono sockets and earth screw
Headshell 0,5” (12.7 mm) standard
Mounting distance 212 mm (platter – tonearm base, Linn standard mount)
Supplied counterweight cartridge weight 6 – 10 g
Optional counterweights cartridge weight 8 – 11 g and 11 – 15 g
Effective length 9” (230 mm)
Effective mass 8.5 g
Overhang 18 mm
Weight 250 g (without counterweight)